Combichrist, Asthetic Perfection, Ivardensphere and DJ Tarnish

This coming Wednesday, at the Howlin Wolf, get ready for one hell of a show as COMBICHRIST begins their MONSTERS ON TOUR run right here in New Orleans.  With opening acts IVARDENSPHERE and AESTHETIC PERFECTION and DJ TARNISH of Baton Rouge, this show will not disappoint.  This show will NOT feature two guys on stage with a laptop.  If that is what you want out of live Industrial music, don't come to this show. Get ready for the next evolution in live Industrial music. Tickets are available online at or at Corrosion (Tuesday night at the Dragon's Den, 435 Esplanade) for a mere 15$, or at the door for 20$.
iVARDENSPHERE (from Canada!)
DJ TARNISH (Baton Rouge)
20$ at the door, 15$ in adv.
Doors at 8 (ish)
The Howlin Wolf
907 South Peters
Show is 18+
Support Industrial Music!

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COMBICHRIST returns, in their first show on 'Monsters on Tour', supported by AESTHETIC PERFECTION and iVARDENSPHERE. DJ Tarnish of Baton Rouge will spin, with a little help from DJ LostTwistedSoul. This promises to be a spectacle of truly New Orleans proportions.

Show is 18+, doors are at 8pm. Tickets are 20$ at the door, or 15$ at

The Howlin' Wolf
907 South Peters
New Orleans, LA

Wednesday, November 3 at 8:00pm - November 4 at 1:00 am

Who are we kidding, vacation is for suckers.

Well it turns out vacation isn't all its cracked up to be.

So fuck that shit.

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the new iteration of Corrosion.  The longest running goth-industrial night in the state is back in action and ready to put on bigger, better and more fantastic events than ever before.  We've done our homework this time.  DJ DedSexi, freshly back from his North American tour has taken up the reigns and is bringing Corrosion in directions only the hottest clubs on the continent are daring to try.  Forget about weekly club nights.  Try weekly monthlies on for size.  DJ Ded Sexi is giving the Corrosion DJs their own pet project night to bring you the best in costumes, theme nights and atmosphere.  Rather than the week in, week out grind of theme-less nights (because, let's be realistic, we've all heard the playlist, right?), we're turning to more specialized areas to offer greater variety and substance to our evening festivities.

Meanwhile, Vendetta has been doggedly pursuing the best in live shows and festivals.  The first show of our season, as you might have heard, will be Combichrist on November 3rd, at the Howlin Wolf.  Their live show is now so intense, we had to measure the Wolf's stage by hand to make sure the show would actually fit!  Tickets are 15$ in advance at, and 20$ at the door.  Do not miss out.  Needless to say we have an afterparty booked, but standby on details.

Other big boy shows you can expect are legendary Front Line Assembly and, straight from Germany, Faderhead.  More details on those later.  Plus, keep an eye on us for local bands, new artists and other performers, like the beautiful and deadly Zombiegirl!

We'll be working with those elegant vampires of the Endless Night Festival.  Look for us at the after the Anne Rice Ball, and on Halloween night itself for the official festival afterparty!  We'll be working with DJs from arond the world, and probably getting handed our asses!

And finally, in July 2011, it gives us our deepest pleasure to announce Southern Gothic Festival II, at the Howlin Wolf and all over town.  We'll be bringing black clad brothers and sisters from all over the country down to hang with us in our dullest month, a shot in the arm for a scene that needs it bad.  we'll see you there!

That's it for now.  Check out our new facebook at (floodland facebook).  Everything is getting an upgrade as we continue to rebuild, restore and reinvent North America's best scene.

first Tuesdays  The War Machine

second Tuesdays Malice in wonderland

Third Tuesdays  Fail safe

and the fourth Tuesdays :// COUNT ZERO INTERRUPT

Last but not least we also have a monthly Friday to mention.
first Friday

More to be announced, stay tuned.
-DJ Ded Sexi

Hope you weren't planning to go to Corrosion tonight

Well maybe this isn't necessary, but you won't be finding Corrosion at the Rubyfruit anymore.  And whyyyyy?  Well, cause they fuckin fired us, the hell you think?

I've been putting off writing this for a week because I'll be damned if I know what to say.  I could take so many directions with this one.

I could roll with blase and unsurprised.  Which I am.  Corrosion gets fired every August, and the place that fired us last time begs for us back.  After a while, you kind of get used to it.

I could go with righteous indignation.  Ooooh could I.  Straight fact, Mary the "owner" has lied to us and ripped us off at every turn.  She has been promising us payment since October (which we never ever get), will get advertising out of me and then cancel events, makes promises and breaks them like they're water.  She's a con-artist, and anyone who buys her bullshit is an idiot (yes, an idiot, yes, you).  She encouraged criminal levels of bullying against me and my regulars.  If there is anyone who here who dearly deserves a terrible end done to them, its her.  But there's nothing quite as dull as ruffled feathers, mine or yours.

I could go with 'thank god we're out of there' and that's true too!  Pretty much everyone knows that that bar is going to close and making the switch NOW makes sense, especially getting away from an unsupported management and staff who spent a huge amount of their time sabotaging our nights when they should have been putting their own money down on adverting (there's a thought, you fucking amateurs!) But I can't help but think that sounds like sour grapes.  It's true, but I know how you people would take it (what do you mean, you people, you fucking very well know what I mean!)

Hell, we could even go with we got the can because Vendetta is certifiably crazy and mean as a shit house rat, but jeez, that might have been news five years ago.  It ain't now.  I'm just as crazy and mean as the first day I stepped off the Greyhound, I just have much more reliable staff now.

So where's that leave us?  Well, same place we always are in August.  Getting reorganized, arguing the new contract at the new place (in this case the not so new place), figuring out our year.  It's a huge pain and a hassle to switch venues, but we're good at it.  If it comes down to a discussion of relief or regret, my money is on relief, mixed with irritated laziness that prefers to play video games than wander around flyering some more.

And as for you people, yes, you scene people, I, once again, am not going to bother to try and tell you where to hang out.  I don't do this out of some higher sense, but because I know you don't really give a shit.  Yes, you read that right.  You want simple things - you want to go out and have fun with your friends.  That's what you want.  You don't want to get mixed up in bar politics or DJ squabbles. 

Sometimes, maybe you should.  But you don't.  Maybe when you see something fucked up or unfair, you should say something.  You won't, but maybe you should.  And all that aside, what you must do, is support your scene.  You must because the alternative is not attractive.  If your imagination fails you in this, go spend a weekend in Houma, and ask yourself what your life would look like without your scene.  Because if you think the Goth scene is doing OK in America, you're a fool.  If you think it can't be saved, you're a bigger fool.

I know you're broke.  I guarantee, I am too.
I know you have to work in the morning.  So do I.
And I know you're sick of the drama.  Times how you feel by about a hundred, and you might be able to imagine how sick of it I am.

But I'm not going to quit on this scene, because frankly, I'm scared shitless of that unending weekend in Houma.  And you should be very fucking afraid of it too.  So let's stick this out a bit further, shall we?

Meanwhile, hang out, and we'll have good news for you just as soon as the blood dries on my contracts.  You'll keep being scene, and I'll keep being a very crazy and very mean old bitch who cares more about it that she probably should.

<3 Vendetta

Oh yeah, and if you feel like letting Mary know what you think about her unceremoniously canning the first alternative night to come back to 1135, you can drop her a line at 504-319-9702.  Yes, I just went there.

Things to do in New Orleans Aug 4th - 9th

 It's a week of whatever you like in New Orleans!

For the Gothically inclined, take in RASPUTINA at One-Eyed Jacks on Wednesday, aaannndddd needless to say, Corrosion will be throwing an unofficial afterparty at 1135 Decatur after the show.  There's no cover (for the afterparty, duh!) and we will NOT PLAY ANY INDUSTRIAL WE PROMISE AAAHHHHH!

Saturday night, for you EBM types, come out to Le Gallerie D'Art Noire for V1Rtual D3scent, the newest hottest EBM act out of the Midwest since .  Our DJ for the evening will be Baton Rouge's own DJ Tarnish.  If you haven't checked him out yet, you'll want to, so come on down.  The doors are at 8, the door is a requested 5$, so if you're broke come anyway, but support the band if you can do it, and the addy is 1216 St. Roch, right next door to the St. Roch Tavern.

And then Monday night, for you Industrial fanatics, same time place and price as the Saturday show (8pm, 1216 St. Roch, 5$ donation) for the noize show to end em all!  Its the all Canadian Noise review with ISZOLOSCOPE, AD-VER-SARY and iVARDENSPHERE with our own krazy Kanadian DJ Vendetta to fill the awkward silences.  Last time we had this many Canucks under one roof, the venue owner nearly shut us down!  So for your guaranteed chaos, Monday night is it.

Who says August in New Orleans needs to be boring?  Or expensive!  Now get out there, ya bums, and support your scene.  Fuck the drama, fuck the hot weather, fuck the economy.  You aren't getting any younger and neither is your scene, so I'd gain a sense of urgency if I was you.

This weekend, Southern Gothic Festival!

Starting this Friday, come on out and enjoy year one of what's going to be the best part of the summer, Southern Gothic Festival!  With Goth and Industrial bands from all over the US, and Europe, DJs from every nook and cranny in Louisiana as well as great opportunities to buy band merch and other sundries, you will not want to miss this party.  Three days of events, 16 bands, with headliners Hanzel und Gretyl and the Cassandra Complex, 9 djs all rolled into one cheap ticket. 

You can find out all the details at

Your LAST CHANCE to get a local benefit ticket is this Wednesday at Corrosion (at the Rubyfruit Jungle, 1135 Decatur street, doors at 10).  Tickets bought direct are 35$.  Online, you can pick them up for $45 at  It should be noted that Ticketweb incorrectly implies a ticket is needed for each day.  This is not so!  At the door, tickets can be bought for 55$, and you can beat the rush, and avoid missing out by hitting out pre-registration at the Howlin Wolf Den, 907 South Peters.

So come one, come all and let's have a little dark fun in the middle of July!

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One Week Till Southern Gothic!

In a mere seven days, Southern Gothic Festival will be upon us!  Think of it as a little slice of Halloween, in the middle of July.  With 16 live bands, 9 DJs, and 7 different venues, prepare to get your Goth-Industrial on right here in New Orleans.  Our headliners are Hanzel und Gretyl aaaaand, all the way from the UK, the incomparable Cassandra Complex. 

You can find out all about it at or follow us on Facebook!

Tickets are $35.00 if you purchase them in advance directly from us at Corrosion (every Wednesday night at 1135 Decatur), $45.00 online at, or $55.00 at the door.  Not bad for three days of black clad mayhem, says I!

We'll see you there!

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Tonight at Corrosion!

Don't forget!  Southern Gothic tickets available CHEAP at Corrosion tonight, at the Rubyfruit Jungle, 1135 Decatur.  We've also got Skinny Puppy videos, double shots for the price of singles and sweet, sweet DJing courtesy of Ariel Moon, Aleksandr and Vendetta.  No cover, see you there!

Slick Idiot and Mona Mur!

Hey, don't forget!  Slick Idiot with Mona Mur and Suicide Assyst tonight, upstairs at Maison (508 Frenchmen).  A paltry ten bucks at the door, at 10pm.  You want to see why KMFDM used to rock?  Here's why!

Drugs, but not the fun kind...

Hey everybody - word has come to me, from separate sources, that two girls in the last three weeks on the lower Decatur scene have had something put in their drinks.  And, before anyone says this, the women in question are not the types with the 'all I ate that day way a box of kleenex, and then I had thirteen shots of Patron and I was so fucked up!  Somebody must have put something in my drink!' routine.  Nah, these are pretty level headed women, and I'll point out that in both cases they were a) in establishments they trusted, and b) had therefore left their drinks unattended for periods of time.  This kind of thing is damn rare, even to hear about from the kleenex eaters, so I thought it worth mentioning.  An ounce of caution Ladies!  Remember that all it takes is one shithead to make your night go from epic to tragic, and the bartender is on your side, but he's not made of eyes, now is he.  Just in case, keep an eye on your action.